Our equipment is sourced from a number of reputable manufacturers worldwide (throughout Europe and China).  We aim to provide you with the very best equipment options for your needs.


Set Templates

Our template sets, each labelled with the name of their fencer so we can match every new blade to their favourite old one.

Open by appointment for repairs, rewiring, parts, replacement blades, fitting.

We do carry some stock of masks, clothing, bibs and other consumables.  If we don’t have an item in stock, or you require custom made uniforms, we are more than happy to order such items in for you.

We have a template service for our regular clients, where we store a template of your set to allow for easy replication when replacements are necessary.

Secondhand stuff

Some items are no longer used by their owners, these can be ‘re-homed’ if you are happy for not new items.

We have boxes of secondhand grips, guards, sockets etc, these are generally used to repair club gear to reduce the cost for clubs!

Chickens Feet?

Pistol Grips

We think they look like chicken feet.

AKA Pistol grips (they look like chickens feet if held upside down).

We have a large stock of pistol grips in both left and right handed. We suggest you come in and have them fitted to your hand and fencing style.