Can You Fix This?

What do you do when it looks pretty but doesn't actually work?

What do you do when it looks pretty but doesn’t actually work?

So the foil is dead and where it isn’t actually snapped in half, it’s just not registering anything?
Maybe the epee is just behaving like a metal stick and not even going off on your foot?
Highly likely they need to be rewired. The good news is, we can do that!

Maybe this sounds familiar too:
“I’m sure this wire on my bodywire should be connected to something!”

Whatever the repair or replacement issue, you can either call or email and arrange drop off.

The magic portal network!!

(sometimes referred to the red bins)

Set Templates

Our template sets, each labelled with the name of their fencer so we can match every new blade to their favourite old one.

If you are able to go to either the State Fencing Centre in North Melbourne or VRI in Richmond, we have a red bin at each venue where you can drop off and pick up gear, as well as repairs. We have an internal courier system that services these magic portals as well as other venues.

FIA also has a replacement service for blades, we store one of your broken blades as a template with your set and then cut & match the set, so all that needs to happen is the swap over!