“Nothing phases Kayt! As a fencing supplier, she is resourceful, attentive and understands that with fencing equipment you often need to act quickly. If anyone needs something urgently, she is the first person to call.

Our son needed a new mask at the last minute, just before leaving Australia to fence at the Junior World Championships in France. Through her vast number of contacts, she organised for a new mask to be transported from Germany to the venue in Bourges. When our son arrived there, he found the mask waiting exactly where and when FIA had arranged. It was a perfect outcome to a stressful situation.

As parents, we are incredibly grateful for the service provided by FIA. Our son is also most appreciative and thankful for the time she puts into preparing his gear.”  –  Jo & Scott Whiffin


“I have been a customer of FIA for over 5 years now, buying equipment for my son and myself. Over this period FIA has continuously provided first-class products, service and advice, for which we are both grateful.”  – Colin