Sublimation Printing

FIA has been investigating how best to print logos on to fencing gear. Stamping fades, embroidery has had issues at comps overseas and laminating peels. So rather than then carrying around a green texta we have a new solution, sublimation. This is a type of printing that is permanent and like ink dying. Most sporting tops are sublimated, including Fencing Victoria’s blue training tops.
The photos below demonstrate it’s ability to stay on fencing gear fabric and has so far survived upwards of 25 washes.
The testing is also complete on lame material and they are still conductive, so they are suitable for use.
If you are interested in this technique please contact us.

12799280_213582365663107_1355472463106911401_n 12717962_213582378996439_3777078711726697584_n

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